Creating Considered Cocktails, Mindful Mixology

At Pour'd, we are passionate about minimising our impact on the planet. Every decision is carefully considered with the United Nations Sustainable Goals in mind and a triple-bottom-line approach. Our goal is to create a business which empowers people, protects the planet and is profitable. If you've made it to this page of our website, we're so pleased that you have taken the time to learn more about our work towards being a sustainable business and what we pledge to do. 

  • Environmentally Conscious Gifts - Pour'd Cocktail Kits Sustainability

    Environmentally Consious

    Ingredient Sourcing

    We have carefully selected our ingredients, suppliers and brands to use in our kits to use brands that align with our view on sustainability. For example, all our coffee is from Illy, which is excellent coffee in cocktails but also has been named for the 8th year as one of the World's Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere. Our ingredient sourcing is covered in more detail in our Life Cycle Analysis. In addition, all our kits have been passed through a carbon calculator, and all have a rating of A or B, meaning they have a low carbon footprint. We have created a Life Cycle Analysis to determine our environmental cost and all our kits have a Carbon Rating which we are finalising. 

  • Recyclable & Reusable Packaging - Pour'd Cocktail Kits Sustainability

    Minimal Impact

    Recyclable & Reusable Packaging

    We have prioritised picking materials and packaging suppliers who share our focus on driving change. We order all our boxes from either noissue or packhelp, who carbon offset their delivery journeys. All our boxes are made from recycled cardboard, our mailer bags are recyclable, and our bottles are made from glass, not plastic, dishwasher safe and able to be used again. We are looking to introduce a bottle return scheme to offer even more ways to reduce our footprint. 


    We keep our stocks at an adequate level, so we have no risk of unnecessary waste. Fortunately, all spirits have long shelf lives. So for any fruit about to spoil, we can dry it to make a garnish. Our juices and syrups are created to have a long shelf life and not to use too many preservatives so we can be as wasteless as possible. 

  • 1% For the Planet - Pour'd Cocktail Kits Sustainability

    Giving Back to the Planet

    1% for the Planet

    We are a member of 1% for the planet, an international network of businesses, individuals and environmental organisations tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues by donating 1% of profits to approved environmental partners. 1% for the planet, is all about improving accountability and preventing greenwashing, so we can be assured the donations are going to a verified partner who is working towards making a difference. 

    To find out more about 1% for the planet, see their website here.

  • Drinkaware - Socially Conscious Cocktail Kits Pour'd

    People - Drinkaware

    We are a business which sells cocktail kits that contain alcohol; however, we cautiously ensure not to promote excessive drinking. Our messaging is carefully put together to ensure all our audiences and customers know the risks of drinking alcohol. We have partnered with Drinkaware to promote the Chief Medical Officers' low-risk drinking guidelines and have a logo license we acquired through donating to Drinkaware. In addition, we actively list the Drinkaware website throughout our website and communications. To find out more, see their website here.

  • Female-Owned

    We're a female-led business and although we may be small right now, we remain strong in our commitment to providing fair pay, promoting work-life balance and championing equal opportunities for all.