Code of Ethics

Pour'd wants to bring about good change and show you a whole new side to making cocktails! We provide an enjoyable, simple way for you make the perfect drinks at home - plus, we uphold high standards of ethics when it comes to our business dealings. Who knew responsibly could be so tasty?

  • Let's lend an ear to one another and thrive in a collaborative environment. Sharing different views is encouraged, so long as we remember our civility - with respect comes productive conversation!
  • At our core, we strive to be an inclusive community - one that welcomes people of all colours and creeds. No matter your race or ethnicity, class or orientation, age range or beliefs - you're guaranteed a warm welcome in this space!
  • Let's be kind, understanding and supportive of each other. We all have an essential role to play in making this team a success! It doesn't take much effort - by being considerate, we create positive outcomes for everyone on the team; it really is that easy!
  • Be the best you can be! Maintaining professional grace and kindness is key in any situation - so don't forget to spread positivity around with everyone you interact with.

Our team has a motto: strength in diversity! Each individual brings something totally unique to the table - and we cherish these fresh perspectives. By listening, understanding, and learning from one another, it's no surprise that our problem-solving skills are top-notch. We never forget to keep those inventive juices flowing for even bigger ideas down the line!